3 December 2023
Milwaukee WI - 2700 Block N 70th - Working fire in a garage with exposures to another
Milwaukee WI - 2000 Block N 23rd - E32 has fire on the first floor 2.5 story dwelling, fire extending to a second dwelling
Milwaukee WI - 3400 Block N 20th - Batallion 1 reporting 2 unresponsive adults in a residence. One adult female transported, probable overdose, second adult patient pronounced deceased at the scene
Milwaukee shooting victim dies at scene, police say
Milwaukee WI - 700 Block N 29th - Adult male, estimated 50s, stabbed 4 times. Patient is conscious
Fire on east side near Cambridge and Oakland
@MilFireDept at an apartment fire on Milwaukee's East Side. Looks to be on the 7th floor. @CBS58 has a crew on the way
Milwaukee WI - 1800 Block N Cambridge - Highrise 2 response for fire showing from a 7th floor balcony
Milwaukee WI - 2000 Block S 13th - Working fire in a detached garage, no extension to dwellings nearby
Milwaukee WI - N 51st / W Burleigh - E34/M5, 23 year old male with a gunshot wound to the head, conscious and breathing
3-year-old shot in Milwaukee, police looking for suspects
A 3-year-old shot in Milwaukee. They're in the hospital with life threatening injuries. Police are looking for the shooter
3-year-old child shot in Milwaukee, fire department says
Milwaukee WI - 6400 blk W Custer - Med 16 transporting trauma, 3 year old unresponsive with a gunshot wound to the head
3 people, including 12-year-old, shot in less than an hour Tuesday night
4 shot in 1 hour across Milwaukee Tuesday night, 12-year-old among the victims
Milwaukee WI - 3300 Block N 36th - Child Shot - An estimated 12 year old female shot twice in the leg around the knee
Milwaukee WI - Area of 31/Cherry - Pursuit crash, one squad struck a pole, one officer transported conscious & breathing
Milwaukee WI - Teutonia/Cornell - Report of a person shot at the location. One BLS ambulance requested for transport
Milwaukee WI - 68/Silver Spring - Motor vehicle accident, dump truck rear ended a stopped vehicle reported as the police chief, transported with back injuries
Milwaukee Police Chief injured in car crash leaving reckless driving awareness event at Police District 4. He was just put into an ambulance and our cameras saw he had a neck brace on at the time
West Allis WI - 8600 Block W National Ave - WA on scene investigating the report of a suspicious white substance in an envelope. Milwaukee Hazmat team enroute
Milwaukee WI - 2800 blk N 19th - E30/M5, 38 year old male with a gunshot wound to the thigh, tourniquet applied
Milwaukee police are investigating a fatal shooting that happened on Friday, Nov. 3 around 11:05 p.m. near 25th and Capitol
Milwaukee WI - 2:15AM - N Sherman / W Florist - 2 car high speed accident with major damage and people trapped, 3 total fatalities Milwaukee Trauma
Delavan, WI Box Alarm 207 McDowell Fire in an apartment building. CB,317
Wauwatosa/Milwaukee - 100/Capitol - Around -1045Am today, vehicle that originally fled from police crashed with fatal injuries in the vehicle that was stuck Pursuit
Milwaukee Police are looking for the person who shot two others near 26th and Capitol overnight. Two people hurt in a shooting overnight near 26th and Capitol in Milwaukee. Police are looking for the shooter
Milwaukee WI - 9000 Block Joleno Lane - Engine 39, 2 story duplex with fire showing
Milwaukee WI - 2800 Block N 18th - Engine 30 has a small attic fire in a 2.5 story occupied dwelling