2 December 2023
Violent afternoon in Milwaukee; police investigate 3 separate shootings
Reports of shots fired at Milwaukee Lutheran High School football game
Milwaukee WI - 3000 blk N Teutonia - E30/M5, 21 year old male with a gunshot wound to the lower leg Milwaukee Shooting USFiR
Two teens shot in Milwaukee after argument
Milwaukee WI - 2700 blk N 56th - E24/M13, 29 year old male unresponsive with 4 gunshot wounds to the chest, abdomen, and shoulder
Milwaukee WI - N 35th / W Clarke - E13/M13, 56 year old male with a gunshot wound to the right leg, tourniquet applied Milwaukee
Milwaukee WI - 2500 blk W Glendale - Engine 37, fire on the 2nd floor of a 2 story apartment building
West Allis WI - 7500 Block W Oklahoma - Adult male stabbed multiple times in the chest and arm. Patient is conscious
Milwaukee police investigating deadly triple shooting
Milwaukee WI - 3700 blk W North - Med 6 transporting trauma, 37 year old male stabbed in the upper right back with a butcher knife Milwaukee Stabbing USFiR
Milwaukee WI - 2700 Block N Grant Blvd - Adult female 50s with 4 gun shot wounds to the entire leg which is likely broken
Milwaukee WI - 3200 blk N 1st - E18/M6, fatal shooting scene, unknown victim details Milwaukee
Milwaukee WI - Overnight - 3 separate vehicle pursuits initiated by MPD overnight resulted in the arrest of at least 3 strong armed robbery suspects, 2 reckless drivers, the recovery of 2 stolen vehicles, and the recovery of at least 1 firearm
One dead in shooting at apartment complex on Milwaukee's northside
Arrest made in deadly shooting on Victory Avenue in Racine
Flames shoot from home in Milwaukee
Apartment fire on S. 21st near Mitchell St. Multiple MFD units are on scene including paramedics and We Energies. Smoke from the building is still visible
Milwaukee WI - 2300 blk S 5th Pl - Heavy fire from a 2.5 story dwelling with exposure problems, defensive operations
Milwaukee WI - 2900 Block S KK - Motorized scooter vs parked car. Rider is an adult male 20s, unresponsive
Milwaukee WI - 10320 W Fond du Lac - Engine 16 has a shooting victim in front of the firehouse. Patient has a gun shot wound to the chest
Milwaukee W - 35/North - Adult male 70s, pedestrian struck by vehicle. Patient is conscious Milwaukee Trauma USFiR
13-year-old shot after attempted robbery
2 separate shootings in Milwaukee leaves one dead
Milwaukee WI - 1800 blk W National - E26/M6, 21 year old male with multiple gunshot wounds with approximately 7 gunshot wounds to the armpit, elbow, thigh, calf, foot, and knee. Patient is conscious and breathing
Milwaukee WI- 10300 blk W Daphne - Med 16 transporting trauma, 28 year old male with multiple gunshot wounds to the shoulder and chin, conscious and breathing Milwaukee Shooting USFiR
Milwaukee WI - 3100 Block N 29th St - Adult male 50s with one gun shot wound to the abdomen
Milwaukee WI - 3200 Block N 9th - Teen Shot - 17 year old male with 2 gunshot wounds near the femur, tourniquet applied Milwaukee USFiR
Milwaukee WI - 13/Layton - Armed robbery carjacking of a black Toyota Camry, fled south towards Oak Creek Milwaukee robbery USFiR
Wilson Park stabbing investigation
Milwaukee WI - 1900 blk S Muskego - Engine 23, working fire on the 2nd floor extending to the attic of a 2.5 story boarded up dwelling