28 November 2021
1 year ago
Prosecutors have charged a 17-year-old from Illinois in the fatal shooting of two protesters in Kenosha, and the wounding of a third. He could face a mandatory life sentence if convicted of first-degree intentional homicide
Crews are removing the last of the burned out garbage trucks near the Kenosha county courthouse this AM after several days of riots, fires and looting - a peaceful night of protests on day 4 of unrest JacobBlake
Overnight was relatively quiet in Kenosha. City crews were out early once again doing their best cleaning up the area. Central High School was one such place.
Crews are out here early power washing graffiti off of Central High School in kenosha. After several days of riots, looting and destruction, peaceful protest ruled the streets in day 4 of unrest JacobBlake
Businesses have been ransacked and looted in Madison, WI. A Papa John's employee asks the Black Lives Matter mob: "Are you trying to get Trump re-elected I've got a family to support, I've got f'ing kids to feed."
There are a couple policemen on the scene who arrived dressed in riot gear, as EMTs are taking the person into the ambulance
A protest led by @ImpactDemand is marching up state street right now in Madison. Chants of "we don't want no killer policemen" and "f*k 12"
This is the scene, right now, in Civic Center Park in Kenosha. I count at least 100 people, probably a little more, not including press. People are sitting, chatting, some have cooked food. A completely different scene
People marching down 60th. Chanting "Seven bullets, seven days" and "Black lives matter." Looks like the balloon release people ran into another marching group and all are walking 60th toward Sheridan
The Milwaukee Brewers join the Bucks in refusing to play Wednesday, according to multiple reports
Roadways are being blocked in Kenosha
Facebook chose not to act on militia complaints before Kenosha shooting "Multiple users reported the account for inciting violence, but were told it did not violate platform policy"
President Trump says he will send the National Guard and federal law enforcement to Kenosha, Wisconsin after protests over the police shooting of JacobBlake turned deadly
This is Kyle Rittenhouse, 17, an Illinois resident who was just charged with first-degree murder of two people last night in Kenosha, Wisconsin. This teen, whose social media history is full of misogyny and white supremacy, had easy access to an AR-15
Kyle Rittenhouse of Antioch, Illinois arrested in Illinois related to the Kenosha shooting. He will be charged with 1st Degree intentional homicide
Cleaning up broken glass Businesses downtown are sweeping up all the shattered glass. This is Valentia Coffee in the Lucky building on University Ave
GrandChute Police investigating shooting that sent one victim to the hospital. Police were called to the 800 block of S. Timmers Lane for a report of multiple gunshots
Kenosha police: 2 dead and 1 injured in shooting
Two people were shot dead during protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin
Madison, Wisconsin once again after another night of unrest in Madison.
Officials say 2 people have died and one was taken to the hospital1 year ago
Officials say 2 people have died and one was taken to the hospital
New aerial video into the newsroom showing the out of control situation in Kenosha this morning as people protested for a third day. The FBI is involved in a shooting investigation after one person was killed and two others hurt overnight.
Video with armed men, one identifying himself as Kyle Rittenhouse
Cell phone video shows Kenosha Wisconsin police officers in an military vehicle telling armed White militia members they appreciate them being there and giving them bottled water; while in the background policemen can be heard ordering protestors to disperse1 year ago
Cell phone video shows Kenosha Wisconsin police officers in an military vehicle telling armed White militia members they "appreciate them being there" and giving them bottled water; while in the background policemen can be heard ordering protestors to disperse
Reports indicate three people were shot tonight. One is dead
Officers drove the white SUV away with the man or teen inside. Police told Madison School Board President Gloria Reyes, who was there, that they had a reason to arrest him. This happened at the top of State Street
VIDEO: Shooter talked to police prior to the shooting, accepting water from them.
The policemen purposefully pushing protesters towards the militia so that they can "deal with them."
Protesters are at the Capitol. Organizers say they're going to disperse. They told them to get away from the Capitol as fast as possible
Police just came out of an unmarked vehicle and arrested a young man on the Capitol Square
Video of tensions between groups of protesters
Police are marching in a line down Dayton Street. Protesters on Wisconsin Avenue headed to Capitol. Tear gas just deployed
Protesters are heading away from the Dane County Jail and police department building
The remnants of the American flag that protesters burned in front of the Dane County Jail and a Madison police station
The windows of Papa John's Pizza on Johnson Street were shattered. An interaction between those in the pizza place and protesters from earlier
Dumpster was just set on fire on Johnson Street. Some protesters are trying to put out the fire.   More windows of the James are being smashed.   That's not us, an organizer says1 year ago
Dumpster was just set on fire on Johnson Street. Some protesters are trying to put out the fire. More windows of the James are being smashed. "That's not us," an organizer says
Dumpster fires on Johnson Street in Madison are really taking off now
Another dumpster fire on Johnson Street
Other businesses with windows shattered on Johnson Street Madison, Wisconsin
Protesters are headed down State Street again. This appears to be the group that was against the window smashing and tried to put the dumpster fire out. Probably 100-200 people still here
Police are coming in full force as the crowd heads onto UW-Madison's campus. They're turning toward Library Mall now
Three people were shot, one fatally, in Kenosha tonight. Law enforcement is investigating whether the shooting stemmed from a conflict between self-styled militias guarding a gas station and demonstrators
Being out there, protestors are so quick to tell the journalists or any observer to put their camera away, which can be spotted in a second. Starting a dumpster fire or breaking a window takes much longer.
Rioters in Kenosha set fire to a car in response to the shooting
The shooting scene is blocked off
The shooting is possibly connected to this car fire. It's all the same scene
The scene of the shooting 30 minutes after damage to cars . on fire
Marching down State Street chanting, "Black lives matter."
DAMAGE: Madison City County Building windows are smashed and there are remains of something that was burned in the street. Community leaders say they caught "a few white individuals trying to ignite a firebomb" and when they confronted them they ran off
BLM rioters attacked another car lot in Kenosha
Close up shot of the guy who got a chunk of his arm blown out. That's a lot of damage
Gunfire erupting south of 60th and Sheridan in Kenosha, WI
Video Shots fired in Kenosha on this Tuesday night KenoshaRiots
The man who was shot appears to be the same man chasing an armed person
Crime scene tape is up for several blocks down Sheridan Rd. The view from 62nd and Sheridan in Kenosha after a 3rd day of unrest following the shooting of JacobBlake
The shooting of a looter. Kenosha, Wisconsin
Okay this guy in the gas station video above appears to be the guy who was shot in the head. All of this possibly stemmed from the tense situation at the gas station
"Multiple gunshots are fired after people chased a guy with a rifle. Rifle dude tripped and fell. He fired his gun at a guy who jumped on top of him."
Shots ring out in Kenosha, Wisconsin
Things were very tense at the gas station before the shooting
A man was shot in the head while looting a Kenosha car shop
hear that someone was shot in the head and someone had their arm nearly shot off
Tense situation before dude was shot along with several others
Multiple people just got shot. Blood on the street KenoshaRiots
Here is video of @RichieMcGinniss carrying the man to the hospital. Richie is okay. There are reportedly two people who have been shot at the KenoshaRiot
Additional gun shot victim in Kenosha
Kenosha is a war zone. Additional shots fired. Witnesses reporting two more victims. Reports of an officer down
White guy with injury to the arm. 2 suspects in custody. Looking for 3rd.1 year ago
White guy with injury to the arm. 2 suspects in custody. Looking for 3rd.
A tire was lit on fire and is going strong across the street from the burned down office furniture store in Kenosha
2/2 video in first. Took still-shots of it. Kenosha, Wisconsin
One confirmed victim in Kenosha shooting
Police have used tear gas and rubber bullets to move the crowd of at least a couple hundred people back at 4 blocks from the county court house
The first fire we've seen tonight - a car on the corner of 63rd and Sheridan Rd. No fire crews yet but a lot of people hanging around in the area after a ream of gunshots went off in this area sending protests running #JacobBlake @CBS58
Wisconsin: approximately 9:53pm. Antifa & BLM using strategic maneuvers against law enforcement
Protesters are burning an American flag in the street in front of both the Dane County Jail and the Madison Police Department's Downtown station
Law enforcement remains at the courthouse. Protesters have left but three remain
A small group of protesters are throwing rocks at the Dane County Courthouse. A few of the windows are breaking. The rest of the protesters are continuing to march on. Approaching the Dane County Jail now
SHOTS FIRED: Police have just said "gunfire ahead" south of 60TH and Sheridan in Kenosha. This was moments before the shots.
Police in riot gear and WI national guard have pushed the crowd away from the courthouse and into the streets. They've launched tear gas onto the protestors the next block down as they continue to chant
Several dozen gunshots just went off before midnight sending the crowd running and armored tanks down Sheridan Road in Kenosha. A witness says 3 people were hurt. He helped one person until emergency crews arrived
Officers canvassing area. they've just found a gun After a shooting
14th and 60th, where officers found the gun, is where a @KenoshaPolice officer was shot by a car burglary suspect three weeks ago. Kenosha
Kenosha: Multiple gunshots are fired after people chased a guy with a rifle. Rifle dude tripped and fell. He fired his gun at a guy who jumped on top of him
Police have moved into the scene of the first shooting in Kenosha
Wisconsin: rioters throwing thick pieces of concrete
A car is on fire across the street from the Kenosha hospital
A much smaller group of around 50 protesters here at the Dane County Jail chanting, "Free them all."
Officers finally have cleared much of the area. Kenosha
MADISON PROTEST: Tonight the protest group looks different. Community leaders and elected officials are marching with the youth as they walk through downtown Madison. Community leaders say they won't tolerate violence and destruction that we saw during last night's protest
Protest : a crowd of 150 remain on Library Mall. A second group of 50 are marching in the area of the PSB. The outer square is shut down to traffic at this time
Madison protesters walking through campus neighborhoods trying to recruit participants. On Langdon now
Protesters at Library Mall going over three demands: 1) Breonna's law (ban on no-knock warrants) 2) Hands Up Act (punish officers who shoot unarmed people) 3) Community control of the police Organizer says, "If we don't get what we want, there's going to be a problem."
A tire fire has been started in the parking lot of a car dealership in Kenosha
More confrontations between rioters and armed citizens
Rioters are getting into confrontations with armed citizens who are out here to prevent looting and destruction to businesses
What it's like to be by the armored police vehicles in Kenosha:
Group is sitting in the street as law enforcement approaches
More law enforcement has arrived to the Kenosha County Courthouse. Protesters are blocking the street @fox6now
After giving multiple warnings to the crowd to disperse because it's an unlawful assembly, police came out behind the fence and pushed everyone out of the park across the street from the Kenosha County Courthouse
Meanwhile, unrest continues in Kenosha, check out this video showing a truck coming towards a crowd
Rioters in Kenosha throw fireworks at the police and the National Guardsmen
Police in a line in front of the fence giving "last warnings".they are about to advance on the park
Busses came in from Milwaukee and Minneapolis.
The LRAD truck punked out and backed up, currently has this one skinny jeans fgt with an umbrella standing in front of it.
Police have come out from behind the fence and are headed into the park..hopefully to crack some skulls
LRAD truck driving into them into the park across the street
People defying Kenosha curfew, trying to take down fences surrounding Kenosha Co. Courthouse.
Law enforcement in this armored vehicle are asking the group to obey the curfew and leave the park. More tear gas is being used
Police at the Kenosha County Courthouse shoot pepper balls at rioters using shields that enable their people to throw projectiles at a closer distance
Protesters are rocking the fence around the courthouse. The National Guard has come out. A glass bottle was thrown
An American flag was just burned outside the Kenosha County Courthouse. One woman screams, "Death to America." and kicks the fence
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